Psychometric Testing Explained – and Applied

It is very hard to predict if a person will succeed after a promotion. Sorry, but your awesome interview or the opinion of someone’s manager is not reliable. Fortunately there is a more effective alternative! Read more.

Transformational Change Process – When HR is Leading

In many things 1-2% improvement is good enough, especially year after year. You don’t always have to do something dramatic. But when the future of your company is at stake or there’s some other big factor at play, you need transformational change.

HR as an Immigrant

I was reading something on the LinkedIn a while back about an HR professional from Afghanistan who was driving a taxi. Usually we hear this about doctors and engineers, but HR? So, this had me thinking: What does it take to succeed in the HR industry in Canada? Read more.

Job Evaluation and Grading: How Many Grades?

This episode was definitely the least boring take on grading jobs I could imagine. Even if you think that job evaluation is dull, or if you’re in HR, you have to get over it. Why? Check out the episode to learn more.

Psychometric Tests for Recruitment – The Science!

Psychometric testing, performed by trained psychologists, is the best predictor of job success of any recruitment or selection tool out there. It is a science, and it teaches you lots. Check out this week’s HR ShopTalk episode to find out more!

Allyship at Work: Take Action!

Let’s get a bit real. Chances are, if you are white in the workplace, you think you are an ally. For example, approximately 75 percent of white employees believe that they are allies to women of colour. However, when do you recall DOING something in support of someone with a marginalized identity?

Conducting Job Evaluation: Job SIZE

Compensation is possibly the most important thing Human Resources must get right. If you underpay people, they will be unhappy or leave. Even more so, it is wrong. Though, if you overpay people, everyone is going to want a raise to match, and your compensation costs will rise.

Principles of Organization Design

Sometimes it seems like organizations are always re-organizing–or ‘re-orging’ as some say–or designing departments for the next superstar leader. Are these good ideas? Maybe yes, and maybe no. It depends on a few things, including whether or not the change enables the organization to be more effective rather than being less effective. Read more to find out.

Building Resilience at Work–in You and in the Workforce

How long does it take you to bounce back after some failure? Do you stay sad and ruminate for a long time or dust yourself off, incorporate some lessons, and keep going? The latter is resilience and it is pretty obvious that it would be helpful.

Personality Assessments For Team Building

What are personality assessments at work good for? What are they not good for? That is the basic question of this episode plus how to pick a test that will work for you.