Leadership Theory and HR

Leadership theories abound. How do we apply those theories about leadership to HRM? In this video we talk about transformational leadership theory, which is (as I learned) the most common leadership theory. Knowing more about leadership in our organizations may help us become leaders, but it can also change how we deliver HR service and support. Ryan Rex has been an HR leader and director. He is currently in the midst of his doctorate studying transformational leadership and makes sense of it for us.

Benefits in Detail

What is typical for employee benefits Canada? Benefits are confusing – even for people in HR. Like, what services are covered? What percentage of those services? What is a paramedical anyhow? And benefits are COSTLY so it is to the employer’s advantage to make sure that employees know what’s covered, are using the services, and appreciate the value. This video explains the typical aspects of benefits packages that are offered to employees in Canada. Shannon Hughes is a benefits broker and helps her clients get complete benefits packages that meet their needs.

The Role of an HR Manager

Typically, people are promoted because they were great as individuals – but then they have to lead. This is as true in HR as anywhere and that first leadership role is often that of HR Manager. So what does an HR Manager do versus a business partner and how can someone be successful in that role?  Furthermore, how can an individual overcome some of the typical challenges? This episode answers both of these questions and more. Todd Bassett is a VP of HR and and has transitioned through the various positions so he knows what it is like and shares some of his insights.

Privacy in the Workplace – Legislation & Policy

Privacy in the workplace is a matter of legislation, common law, and policy. Some aspects of privacy in the Canadian context are set out in legislation – and it can be a wide variety of legislation. BC, Alberta, Quebec and federally regulated businesses are subject to specific privacy legislation, but the rest of the provinces and territories rely on common law. Then there is employee privacy expectations which can be greatly impacted by employer policy. How do you make sense of it? Gayle Wadden was this week’s guest. She is a lawyer, the cofounder of Compliance Works, and a privacy expert.

Bullying & Harassment

The word ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’ are thrown about and sometimes as jokes – but what do those words really mean? How do you know if a behaviour really is bullying or harassment in the workplace? A bully is not someone who is miserable. A bully is someone who is nice to some people but picks on an individual or group with the intent of undermining their dignity at work. A more complete definition is in the video, but it is NEVER helpful to business performance.  Sometimes the target is one of your most competent people, but the bullying eroded their confidence to the point that they become ineffective.  This video with Denise Koster, discusses bullying and harassment and what you can do about it.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Best Practices

The following article was originally published in Inn Focus magazine, Winter 2021 Issue. See it online at:https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/66022348/innfocus-winter-2021 by Amy Saini When it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices, each sector, and industry has norms and best practices which they look to for guidance, support, and inspiration. In our contemporary world, we are constantly looking at diversity from many angles to measure whether our organizations are demonstrating DEI, in the people that work with us, in the clients we serve, and even in the way in which we make decisions and embrace change. Some workplaces and industries struggle with articulating their commitment to diversity initiatives and others jump forward without looking back. What is it that makes one industry … Read More

Compliance in HR

Compliance in HR seems simple but it is not.  We have to obey the laws and that means knowing which laws to obey, where to find them and how to read them – all while paying attention to jurisdictions and changes of which there are many.  

Gayle Wadden is a lawyer and the Chief Compliance Officer for Compliance Works. We talked in general about compliance in Canada because employers have a lot to concern themselves with including OH&S, labour relations, employment standards, privacy, human rights, pay equity and accessibility.

Gayle has tips to share on how to stay abreast of legislation and changes.  See the full video.

Innovative Recruitment Strategies

The following article was originally published in Cannabis Retailer magazine, November/December 2021 Issue. See it online at:https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=63950&i=726810 By: Kevin Woolliams As businesses go, cannabis retailing is new-really new. While the business has a lot of rules from various levels of government, the “rules” for recruiting and retaining employees in cannabis retailing are being explored and updated on the fly as the industry grows and evolves. A key to recruitment is to step back and think about your desired result before starting the process. Knowing your end point-who is your ideal candidate-makes the whole process or recruiting easier. What To Look For Each business (and even different locations of the same business) should have different answers for this question. One common … Read More

WCB Basics

This covers the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) basics from an employer and HR’s perspective. It’s the bigger picture of managing claims costs and a compelling reason you need to get employees back to work as soon as possible. Better still you should avoid accidents altogether (but that’s another episode).

When a supervisor would rather leave a worked at home than bring them back to modified work… watch this. It’s soooo expensive not to manage your claims.

How Cross-Training Can Help Boost Productivity in a Post-Pandemic World.

The following article was originally published in InnFocus magazine, Summer 2021 Edition. See it online at:https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/65699940/innfocus-summer-2021 by Chantel Wellman “Productivity is doing things you were never able to do before.”-Franz Kaftka The Potential of Productivity! Almost overnight the world changed in March 2020 and now, as we slowly emerge and discover the “new normal”, it allows businesses a chance to reimagine their work processes and offers an opportunity to improve productivity. In addition to the new acronyms we’ve learned over this past year, like PPE and mRNA, words like “adapt” and “pivot” are now a part of our everyday vocabulary, and rightfully so—they have been the cornerstone to success for many during the pandemic. COVID-19 has had an extraordinary impact … Read More