Why Good Employees Leave (And How to Keep Them)

I have been to sooooo many presentations where the presenter says “and this will increase retention!!!” as a selling feature for their product or initiative. But will it?

Actually, it might if it improves management quality. This was the main point of my conversation with Cara Silletto, Chief Retention Officer of Magnet Culture. She wrote a book called “Staying Power” and helps companies address retention. She said:

🤑 Too many leaders conveniently attribute employee departures to the character flaws of their employees: “They just want a buck more an hour!” Sorry. Not true. Their own behaviour has a much bigger impact than they want to believe.

👂 Leaders need to listen to their employees. Ask questions and don’t defend.

✈️ Your new employees have the highest flight risk especially in low-pay positions. Retention efforts here may have a big impact!

🗑️ TRY not to give new employees the crap work and crap equipment.

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Andrea Adams