About HR West

What We Do

We help employers solve people problems. You’ll find us integrated with HR Departments of larger organizations and acting as the HR Department in smaller ones. Our projects span from one time consultations to ongoing projects that enact positive change and improve communication and relations between employee and employer.

Working with you, we’ll remain objective and help identify growth opportunities for your organization. We successfully serve clients both in person and remotely across western Canada and beyond.

Why We Do It

Workplaces can be amazing places with engaged employees that are focused on customers and meeting organizational goals. HR West is driven to help provide the processes and support so you can create the best workplaces imaginable, where everyone is equipped with the tools for success.

We do it all because we love working with people who are passionate about their job and creating environments where others can grow

Our Team

Work With Us

We bring decades of expertise across every aspect of human resources so we can provide immediate impact to even the most difficult human resources or labour relations problems. We’re a small and nimble company, so you know we can react quickly when solving any human resources related issue.

If you have employees, we’d like to work with you and elevate your success!