How to Conduct an HR Audit

Don’t do an HR audit if you think anything less than an A+ is failure. We don’t assign grades, but an absence of suggestions leave no opportunity for growth. I suppose you might want an A+ for the purposes of a certification, but that’s not what I explored this week with Elissa Lok.

Elissa has one of the most diverse skillsets of any HR person I know. She is an HR Consultant with HR West, a facilitator of Spacemakers, and a trainer. She also does audits. She says:

🤭 Don’t be embarrassed! We all have our own journeys including our HR functions… It’s an opportunity to learn and get a sense of priorities.

🤷🏻‍♀️ You won’t make decision in an HR audit. It’s really just a summary of risks, opportunities, and strengths.

🛞 You can structure it following the employee lifecycle. From recruitment to departures.

≠ A large sophisticated business will not get the same audit as a small business. We are all trying to improve but obviously starting in different places.

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Andrea Adams