Handling Difficult Employees

Let’s talk about handling those “difficult” employees we encounter as HR professionals. You know, the ones who regularly seem to make our lives a bit more ‘interesting’? 😅

We’re supposed to be giving advice in HR, but sometimes it’s hard for us to know!

I spoke with Emily Lord, Senior HR Consultant with HR West. She is a master of reframing (not spinning) and handling people with decency. She recognizes these are tough and says:

1️⃣ Mis’s happen: Miscommunications. Mistakes. Misunderstandings. Watch for them and don’t be afraid to acknowledge them!

2️⃣ Shine a light on blind spots. Ever had a team member genuinely unaware of a problem? This is when performance management is most likely to work well.

3️⃣ Reflect on the role of leadership: Sometimes it’s not the employee and we have to walk a fine line in HR.

4️⃣ Don’t wait, take the plunge: Procrastination won’t solve anything, my friends! Don’t let probation pass knowing there’s a problem to solve!

Find Emily at www.hrwest.ca for consulting in Western Canada.

Andrea Adams