Basics Of Agile HR

No. Agile HR is not agile project management OR piloting by another name. But what exactly is it, and how can it help you?

During my discussion with Elissa Lok, HR Consultant, she says that, at its core, agile HR is all about flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Rather than relying on rigid, slow, top-down management, agile HR empowers employees to take ownership and collaborate with their colleagues to achieve common goals.

Some of the key principles of agile HR include:

Rapid iteration: Agile HR processes are flexible and adaptable, allowing teams to quickly test and refine new ideas.

Continuous feedback: Regular check-ins and feedback loops help employees and managers make changes as they go.

Collaborative decision-making: Agile HR encourages cross-functional collaboration when it brings together people from across an organization who have a say.

It doesn’t work for everything but I am curious to give it a shot!

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Andrea Adams