Employee Engagement – Running A Survey

It is crucial to survey your employees through an employee engagement survey. Your employees have feedback to give you, and you should know what they are looking for. However, it has never been easier to run a bad survey.

Change Management, HRM, and What You Need To Know

You may think that HR has change management oversight, but that is actually not the case. More often than not, we are in influencing roles–no authority but a great level of responsibility. So, if we are expected to assist in many ways, how do we make the most of it?

Authenticity for HR

Authenticity (and integrity) are hot topics. Integrity is a key value for at least half of the Fortune 500 companies. So how do you define each AND how can you create organizations where authenticity and integrity can flourish?

HR Trends – 2022

What are some HR trends for 2022 and beyond? You are likely going to be surprised (and not surprised) by what you hear in this video. That is because the trends are not ‘new’ but they are trending in ways you might not expect.

Indigenous Inclusion – What HR Can Do

HR can do a lot to support indigenous inclusion. And by creating more DEI practices to support Indigenous employees, we are creating a more inclusive work environment for all.

The Recruitment Debates

Reference checks? Behavioural interviewing? Sourcing or Posting? Internal or external recruiters? There seem to be quite a few opinions around recruitment so I ask two experts.

Recognition in a Hybrid Workplace

Engaging hybrid teams is hard, so recognize them! We may miss the unplanned meetings, jokes, and smiles,  but employee recognition will help. And the good news: it’s cheap, easy and something most of us instinctively understand. It improves morale and builds the connective tissue that keeps us working well together. Sarah McVanel, this week’s guest, is a recognition expert, author, keynote speaker and more.