Psychological Safety at Work

Workplace culture is crucial for high performance and a big part of that is psychological safety: can your employees express themselves without fear of negative consequences?

Stephan Wiedner, coach and CEO of Noomii and COO & Co-Founder at Skillsetter, took me to task when I asked (on behalf of my husband) if this means we have to talk about feelings a lot more. The answer is yes. Yes: we need to talk about feelings, but we don’t have to become therapists. Other tidbits from Stephan:

🟰 He sees psychological safety as a proxy for high performance because there is considerable evidence about the correlation.

1️⃣ Google conducted a significant study that found psychological safety to be the #1 predictor of the teams they rated as high performing.

🍁 Canadians beware! Politeness is not psychological safety!

This was a great conversation – I definitely built on my previous knowledge and I’m sold! Thanks Stephan!

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Andrea Adams