Tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills

The cliche (probably true) is that most of us are terrified of public speaking. This is likely true in HR too and yet the skill will increase our effectiveness, improve support for our work and help us advance. But how? And how can we avoid the same tired tips we were taught in highschool?

Enter Brenden Kumarasamy. He has a his own YT channel called MasterTalk and, at a relatively young age, is a public speaking coach! I see why (and need to take a lot of his suggestions to heart).

🗣️ He shares three impactful exercises that, with consistent practice, would significantly enhance your skills. They will definitely help me.

😈 I tested Brenden’s skill and he totally delivered!

🌟 Talent is not a prerequisite for success. It helps, but practice will help most of us far more.

🙏 He avoided all the tired public speaking cliches like “picture your audience naked” and “speak clearly” and “tell a story”. Although we did talk about telling stories.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your public speaking skills and make an impact at your next presentation! Check this out!

Find Brenden at his youtube channel MasterTalk. He offers free workshops at

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Andrea Adams