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HR West Consulting is dedicated to Elevating Success in all areas of human resources. If you have employees, or plan to, we can help.

Human Resources Services For:

Your Business


HR Auditing

Keep your HR current, compliant, and comprehensive.

Beat the challenges of complex HR regulatory compliance and liability. Find out what’s right, what has to go, and what needs an update.

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HR Strategy

Drive results with HR initiatives.

We help you determine where you want to go with your employees. Not every employer can support “bring your dog to work” nor does every employer have to worry about how best to manage night shifts. We love HR and know that it can drive positive business results if the HR initiatives are tailored for each specific business.

Policies & Procedures

Bring understanding to your business.

Policies and procedures are a fact of a modern workplace. However, we do not believe that they have to be long or boring or unfriendly to employees. We can help you breathe life (and understanding) into the mundane.

Downsizing & Divestures

Doing what’s right for your business.

It happens – we have helped make these unfortunate events more positive than managers and employees would have imagined.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Compliment your business.

Brown field, green field, expansions; whatever you call it, we can help with your growth.

Human Resources Services For:

Your People

Personality Dimensions®

Recognize strengths and appreciate differences.

Personality Dimensions® translates complex personality theory into everyday language to help you be more effective in your relationships, work, and life.

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Labour Relations

Build a relationship with your union.

In Western Canada, we are some of the most experienced labour relations experts. We help you manage collective bargaining, grievances and arbitrations, and all the other parts of working with a unionized workforce. We can act as your labour relations department or support your existing team in the background.


Finding the right people.

Get help with everything ranging from finding a new “number one” to high volume seasonal recruiting. We are there where you need us most: from scoping the position, to sourcing candidates to building offer letter to set up the new relationship perfectly.

Employee Relations

Working with your workers.

At HR West we believe that good ER is good LR and good LR is good ER. We excel at both employee and labour relations because working with people is the same regardless of their employee type.

Orientation & Onboarding

Start them with the tools they need.

Once you have found your perfect new hire, we will help you make sure they want to stay and know why they want to stay. Make your new hires more productive and feeling part of the team sooner.

Health & Safety

Keep all your investments safe.

Have a Health and Safety Committee that is floundering? Have your policies been reviewed recently? We can help provide the nudge sometimes required to get this important function working efficiency and effectively.

Human Resources Services For:



Respectful Workplace

Keep the workplace happy, healthy, and respectful.

Establish a workplace culture of respect and build a motivated team that is happy, healthy, and ultimately, productive. This program is an invaluable tool for any employer striving to build a positive, respectful workplace.

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Training & Development

Develop through your culture.

Build sustainable training programs across entire companies to support growth, compliance, succession planning and employee retention. We can help in two separate ways. We conduct training in our areas of expertise: workshops and one-on-ones on most imaginable HR topics.

Organizational Development

Where everything else grows from.

How many people should my manager have reporting to her? My number two person just told me they were going to retire; what now? We can help you select and build the right employee structures for each stage of your organization’s growth.

Performance Management

Develop those who want to grow.

Focus on the 90% of employees that are driving your business forward and minimize the time spent on the “bottom 10%”.

Standardized Testing

Measure up against the industry.

We inventory a variety of standardized tests for both recruitment and development purposes.

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