How to Retain Employees: Support Managers

I am a bit tired of how HR uses retention to justify everything from benefits and employee relations to our budget and training. And… I might be somewhat out-of-line.

This is why I went looking for someone to talk to about turnover and retention and found Cara Silletto, Chief Retention Officer at Magnet Culture. She is a retention expert and speaker, and wrote a book on it. She says:

🥱 “People join organizations and quit their bosses.” The tired cliche (or at least it’s ‘tired’ in my mind) is at least partly true. What might be more accurate, is that managers can do a whole lot to drive down turnover.

🧑🏽 Managers play the biggest role in retention so anything we can do to support their skills and capacity is likely to have retention benefits.

📈 What constitutes high turnover depends on the role. However, on average, tenure is decreasing regardless of the role.

🙏 Once again… recognition. It comes up again and again across so many of my interviews.

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