Developing Executive Presence – It’s Necessary For HR Too

In this video, I dive into a topic that is often discussed but not always fully understood: executive presence. You might want to get promoted! And as gatekeepers of talent and culture, HR plays a pivotal role in identifying and developing leaders who have this quality. We can also help others develop it because it’s a competency (or a collection of competencies).

This was the focus of my conversation with Stephan Wiedner, CEO of Noomii and COO & Co-Founder at Skillsetter. With his team, they have developed a way of measuring it and then helping leaders develop it. I discovered I have an image in mind when it comes to executive presence and it’s someone who is tall, white, and male. So I appreciated having my horizons expanded:

3️⃣ Executive presence is based on three characteristics and anyone can possess them.

🥼Most leaders rely on their expertise to lead but that is limiting.

💪You need to flex your various ‘muscles’ that help you have executive presence depending on the situation.

💉We talk about attractiveness, but you don’t need botox. 😉

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Andrea Adams