5 Steps To Improving Your Employee Experience

Improving the employee experience can be done in 5 steps. I didn’t say easy – but it also isn’t that hard considering that step 1 is simply to CARE.

I interviewed Prem Bhatia from Cooleaf this week. He’s the cofounder of a platform designed around improving the employee experience (EX) and they live and breathe it. He said:

1️⃣ Recognition has an outsized impact on employee engagement. So don’t forget that piece – it can go a long way for relatively little cost.

2️⃣ As I said at the beginning of this, you need to truly care. It’s not something that will work if you’re half-hearted.

3️⃣ Tech can help. EX is ultimately a totally human thing, but tech can improve communication, integrate platforms, and just make it easier.

4️⃣ It’s good business: Beyond the inherent value of caring for our employees, investing in the employee experience is also a smart business move. Research consistently shows that organizations with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors.

Find Prem at Cooleaf.

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Andrea Adams