HR Strategy: What should you focus on?

Why is it so hard to find someone to talk about HR strategy? I’ve been trying for a long time now… and apparently it’s complicated!

Len Nanjad, however, was up to the task! He thinks deeply about HR strategy including how to deliver an HR strategy that balances the complexity of people with business strategy. He is also the guest on one of my most popular episodes! He says:

1️⃣ So developing our strategy is similar to other parts of the business: First understand the business strategy.

🧩 He gives us some guidance about how to think the product-market fit of HR – see the video below.

🗣️ We talk about how to consider all the things that employees think we should be doing and sometimes we want to do.

🤔 We’re not doing HR to do HR well. Not usually anyhow.

If you read this far, I’m also looking for someone who’s willing to teach communications 101 to HR. It’s not exactly our thing if we’re in larger companies. But in smaller companies, sometimes we are all they’ve got. If you know of someone willing to have this convo with me, message me!

Find Len on LinkedIn at @lennanjad.

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