Mediation for HR: Everyday Skills for Conflict

In the world of HR, conflict resolution is an everyday thing. Employees frequently seek us out to help them resolve their conflict. Incorporating mediation for HR can help.

Mediation skills are made up of skills we already have. The thing that gets in our way is usually fear or discomfort around conflict. So you need to practice. Unfortunately.

I actually went looking for someone to talk to about alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is one element but I’ll have to cover other aspects of ADR later. However I found Kate Otting in the process. She is CEO of Interaction Management Associates and has led mediation groups all over. Currently she is the Director of Mediation for the City of Phoenix. She says:

😆 Mediation may one of the few fields where mediocrity is the goal. See the video.

♾️ The more we engage with conflict (notice I didn’t say ‘in’), the more adept we become at managing it.

💸 Conflict is expensive x 10. I can only imagine how much time I’ve spent on conflict never mind the economy.

⁉️ When is the last time an employee came in your office to vent?

Here are some links Kate has offered:

IMA courses – save 30% on any course or bundle with promo code HRHUB.

Free downloadable tools:
Listening skills checklist
Checklist for becoming a mediator
Open-ended questions workbook
How to Respectfully Disagree Like a Pro – workbook

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