Skills HR Professionals Should Have: Avoiding A Leader’s Work

In HR we have to navigate the boundaries between us and leadership. We want to provide good service, but we can’t enable leaders to avoid their responsibilities.

This week’s guest was Pam Schmidt. Pam, a leadership and organization development consultant, shared her experiences and insights on a common challenge in HR and offered some practical advice (and a little bit of spine!).

Pam discussed:

2️⃣ Two ways leaders may approach HR that may be misguided: role clarity and team function.

🚩 Why she sees these as ‘red flags’ and what could be going wrong underneath.

🫱 Her approach to supporting leaders

🤔 Why she thinks HR sometimes steps in anyhow.

Ultimately it works best if leaders take responsibility for their team’s dynamics.

By tuning into this episode, you will learn about:
🔹The importance of leaders in handling challenging situations and setting clear expectations.
🔹The role of HR professionals in supporting leaders while maintaining their own boundaries.
🔹The significance of role clarity and team function in an organization.
🔹How to approach conflict and feedback in a leadership role.

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