From Mediation Skills To Conflict Confidence

This topic might make some of us break into a cold sweat – fostering healthy conflict at the workplace. I spoke with Kate Otting about this – as a mediator, she’s adept at handling conflict.

Kate is the head of Interaction Management Associates, specializing in mediation. She has an impressive career portfolio, having worked in South Africa, served as the Director of Mediation for the Iowa Peace Institute and the Arizona Attorney General, and currently holds the position of Director of Mediation for the City of Phoenix.

In this episode, Kate shares her insights on:

🔍 Understanding when conflict is healthy and when it is harmful. Hint: it’s harmful when it festers.
💡 Techniques to engage in conflict with confidence and compassion. Pretend you’re watching it from a balcony!
🧘‍♀️ The role of patience and understanding in managing conflict. Patience can be hard when emotions are running high.
📚 Resources to help.

This episode is a goldmine for HR professionals seeking to foster a culture of healthy conflict resolution at their workplaces. Check out the link in the comments to watch the full episode!

Here are some links Kate has offered:

IMA courses: – save 30% on any course or bundle with promo code HRHUB

Free downloadable tools:
Listening skills checklist
Checklist for becoming a mediator
Open-ended questions workbook
How to Respectfully Disagree Like a Pro – workbook

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