Age Discrimination In The Workplace

I don’t know about you, but age is one aspect of DEI that I hardly ever hear anything about. Yet, the impact of ageist policies on older workers is profound.

Are you thinking something like “but it’s time for those boomers to get out the way so I have a chance!”? Well, I asked Laura Tamblyn Watts, the CEO of CanAge about that. CanAge is Canada’s Seniors Advocacy organization and, she says while a few older workers have a ton of privilege, many are shockingly disadvantaged. With 25 years of experience, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge about ageism and its impact in the workplace and to aging people. We discussed:

πŸ‘΅ The shocking statistics on ageism and why it’s the most prevalent form of discrimination globally;

πŸ” How ageism manifests in the workplace – from overt policies to hidden biases;

πŸ“ˆ The benefits of multi-generational workforces – from increased productivity to reduced churn;

πŸ›  Practical steps to make your workplace more age-inclusive starting with your DEI policy; and

βš–οΈThe risks of doing nothing.

This episode was eye-opening and will broaden your understanding of ageism and equip you with practical tools to foster a more inclusive work environment.

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Andrea Adams