360 Feedback – An Intro

Have you been involved in 360 feedback? It sounds both informative and exposing. But it’s better than a performance appraisal from a leader who may have biases.

I sat down with Jo Ayubi, the CEO of Track 360 Feedback. Jo’s expertise in feedback consultancy and their software platform made her the perfect guide to navigate the nuances of 360 feedback. It’s a powerful tool.

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • These days we are concerned about how people get the job done, not just what they get done. Otherwise, toxic behaviour will proliferate.
  • Aim for at least 6-10 people providing feedback.
  • You can’t let the ratee pick their raters. At least not entirely.
  • It’s a great development tool.
  • For some reason, 360 feedback is about the only topic I remember from university.

Jo knows her stuff – for the first time I tried a firing line (peppering my guest with quick questions) and she did great!

Find Jo Ayoubi and her company at tracksurveys.com.

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Andrea Adams