Remote Work Policy: Build Your Own.

The push-pull of remote work versus in-office work continues. You can make remote work well, but there are skills and clarity to develop. A thoughtful policy is a good place to start so that you get the advantages of remote without losing all the spark of in-person.

If you are trying to articulate an effective remote work policy, here you go. I sat down with Kaleem Clarkson, the Chief Operations Officer for BlendMe, a company that assists hybrid and remote teams with their people operations and their policy.

Kaleem highlighted the importance of connection. That is the purpose of being in-person. So, for focused work, in-person is not the place to be. Watch the video.

In this episode, you’ll also learn about:

  • Starting with the organization’s philosophy on remote work. As with so many things in HR, understand why you’re doing it.
  • Creating role flexibility categories to help manage expectations.
  • Clarifying the true purpose of in-office meetings.
  • The etiquette for virtual meetings.
  • I don’t think you should wear your underwear even if they are not visible. Kaleem? Clearly this is still evolving.

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