When Employees Complain to HR

Employees complain to HR because they hope we can fix it. Sometimes it’s more than hope… they KNOW it’s our job to solve the problem. And it’s easy for us to be drawn in. After all, HR is ALSO supposed to be empathetic and supportive and many of us buy into that idea.

How to Identify Subtle Misconduct & What to Do

Microaggressions, putdowns, harassment… Sometimes they are obvious, but frequently they are not. What’s often true is that they are difficult issues for an organization and they are dealt with badly or ignored. Which is also partly why only 30% of issues are reported. There must be a better way. Read more.

Implementing HRIS – How To Prepare

Implementing an HRIS is a big endeavour which could garner you much support and credibility in the organization. Or it could do the opposite. Let’s try to make sure you it helps your career?!

Workplace Microaggressions

Microaggressions are exhausting for the people who experience them. But what are they exactly and how do you know? And, for HR, what do you do?

How to Write a Good Job Ad

Write a kick ass job ad!! It matters! It can be tempting to think that your effort is pointless, after all it’s an OCEAN of postings and they look the same. So it’s even more important that your posting appeals to the ideal candidate.

The Steps of Organization Design

Good organizational structure can boost the effectiveness and performance of an organization as well as the lives of employees doing the work. But how do you get there? This video talks about the steps to organization design. Learn more.

How to Use Job Boards

We don’t all know how to use job boards properly. Frankly, everyone has jobs advertised, so I wasn’t even sure what made a job board. Stephen Rothberg answered all my questions and the ones I didn’t know I had! He’s founder of College Recruiter and host of the High Volume Hiring Podcast. Read more.

Psychometric Testing Explained – and Applied

It is very hard to predict if a person will succeed after a promotion. Sorry, but your awesome interview or the opinion of someone’s manager is not reliable. Fortunately there is a more effective alternative! Read more.

Transformational Change Process – When HR is Leading

In many things 1-2% improvement is good enough, especially year after year. You don’t always have to do something dramatic. But when the future of your company is at stake or there’s some other big factor at play, you need transformational change.