Psychometric Testing Explained – and Applied

It is very hard to predict if a person will succeed after a promotion. Sorry, but your awesome interview or the opinion of someone’s manager is not reliable. Fortunately there is a more effective alternative!

Psychometric testing may be one of the most valid and reliable tools to assess employees potential. The only down side is you need a psychologist to do it. I spoke with Marina Kolesnikova of Stefan, Fraser and Associates about how to make the best use of psychometric testing. She has a PhD in psychology and has worked in the field a long time.

This interview was as fascinating as the last one a few weeks ago. Some of the revelations:

🗣 They are used as expert witnesses at arbitration.

👺 You are not going to identify dark side personalities in an interview.

😬 Psychometric testing can help someone strategically understand where they need to develop and selectively go outside their comfort zone (rather than going outside your comfort zone in areas that won’t be that useful).

Getting the right person is so important. Psychometrics isn’t perfect but it is makes science out of what might otherwise be an art.

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Andrea Adams