How to Use Job Boards

We don’t all know how to use job boards properly. Frankly, everyone has jobs advertised, so I wasn’t even sure what made a job board.

Stephen Rothberg answered all my questions and the ones I didn’t know I had! He’s founder of College Recruiter and host of the High Volume Hiring Podcast.

🔢 First he clarified job boards: job boards have jobs from multiple employers.

📑 There’s thousands of job boards because they are so easy to create. Word Press even has a job board template.

🤔 If you want to figure out which job boards you should post on: Google it.

1️⃣ Recruiters tend to use too few job boards.

5️⃣ The optimal number of job to apply to? 5. Just FIVE.

Probably the most important advice was that job seekers hide behind their screens and use too many job boards. He says you shouldn’t do that. Find those few jobs and companies you want to work for and then network and learn as much as you can.

So much good stuff in this!

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Andrea Adams