Implementing HRIS – How To Prepare

Implementing an HRIS is a big endeavour which could garner you much support and credibility in the organization. Or it could do the opposite. Let’s try to make sure you it helps your career?!

Phil Strazzulla helps advance HR by sharing information about HR tech on his site, Select Software, and he gives all his advice to us for free!! And it’s pretty darn good advice. Frankly, it applies to a lot more than just HRIS implementation.

🤬 Just about everyone uses the HRIS, so everyone is likely to have an opinion about what they like and hate.

🙉 Related to the above point: don’t just talk to people in HR.

⁉️ Phil thinks a gut check is a decent measure. Just back it up with some facts.

📈 Measure the financial impact – but some of the softer things too! And, don’t measure too many things.

🥳 Throughout the process… blow your own horn. Tell them how hard you worked and all the ways you considered their input. This will impact adoption and approval rates. See the video below.

You can get support material for just about all of this on his website. It’s pretty great. Take a listen and you’ll understand why I think so.

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Andrea Adams