How to Write a Good Job Ad

Write a kick ass job ad!! It matters!

It can be tempting to think that your effort is pointless, after all it’s an OCEAN of postings and they look the same. So it’s even more important that your posting appeals to the ideal candidate.

This episode with Shelley Billinghurst of The Recruitment Flex Podcast has very high utility:

πŸ–Š There are websites to help all those awkward writers out there!

πŸ’‘Write for the ideal candidate – not the hiring manager.

πŸ™„ Don’t make the process awkward unless you’re happy with a ‘C’ candidate.

πŸ›³ Post the salary. That ship has sailed.

πŸ‘« Did you know that writing is gendered? I didn’t until this, but it makes unfortunate sense.

Check it out. You’ll be better for it!

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Andrea Adams