How To Present Data To Management – Lessons for HR

Presenting data is harder than it looks. Bar charts may not cut it. But, maybe in HR we have an advantage because our data is about people. We can tell stories! We can humanize the data!

For example, change ‘20% of employees are planning on leaving within 6 months’ to ‘1 out of 5 employees want to leave by Easter’. It’s even better if, after that, you draw the line between the fact and the business impacts.

Presenting people analytics was the subject of this week’s episode with Kevin Campbell. Kevin is an Employee Experience Scientist with Qualtrics and has also worked for Deloitte and Culture Amp.

Some other insights:

🗣 Tell stories! They are engaging.

💧Software is making people analytics much easier.

😘 You want to generate an emotional connection to the data.

🏁 As another guest said (so it must be true): Just give it a try! Start!

#️⃣ Focus more on outcomes than output when you can.

Effective presentation of data including stories may be as important as generating it. So check out this video for insights on how to do it!

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Andrea Adams