Transformational Change Process – When HR is Leading

In many things 1-2% improvement is good enough, especially year after year. You don’t always have to do something dramatic. But when the future of your company is at stake or there’s some other big factor at play, you need transformational change.

I spoke with Jordan Ludwig of Stack’d Consulting which specializes in transformational change. He has led many of these projects and said:

💪 Transformational change needs conviction and courage.

😕 If a client is using phrases like “we just need…” they’re probably not ready for transformational change.

🏄‍♀️ Don’t try to control all the details… it’s more like surfing.

💪 Leaders will pour in effort for a sustained period before they see the change.

🥱 It’s a good sign when people lose interest.

If you’re thinking about something dramatic, watch this. You might just feel a little better about it.

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