Respectful Workplace Workshop

Build a Positive, Productive Workplace

Workshop Summary

Establishing a workplace culture of respect is a crucial component in building motivated teams that are happy, healthy, and ultimately, productive. This program is an invaluable tool for any employer striving to build a positive, respectful workplace.

Having a clear policy and providing support through training is key to developing employee confidence and trust. We work closely with you to customize the program with any specific training required by your organization and employees.

Understand Behaviour

Increase awareness of different behaviours, words, and attitudes to build a respectful workplace.

Group Dynamics

Develop a better understanding of group dynamics and the role each person plays.

Self Awareness

Encourage staff to develop a conscious understanding of their own behaviour and a more considerate approach with others.

Bullying & Harassment | WorkSafeBC Policy

All employers have a duty to ensure they follow reasonable steps to aviod bullying and harassment in the workplace according to WorkSafeBC policy.

  • Develop a Policy Statement
  • Take Steps to Prevent
  • Procedures for Workers to Report Incidents or Complaints
  • Procedures for How the Employer will Deal Incidents or Complaints
  • Inform Workers of the Policy
  • Train Workers & Supervisors
  • Review Policy & Procedures Annually

(For full details on WorkSafeBC Policy - visit the WorkSafeBC website).

Workshop Curriculum

  • What is bullying and harassment.
  • What is sexual harassment / gender-based harassment.
  • The dynamics/nature of.
  • Types, examples, language issues.
  • The parties.
  • The legislation (Code).
  • Policy review – let’s break it down.
  • What is expected of employers?
  • Managerial responsibility and legal liability (use of human rights tribunals, case law, etc.).

"How Was Your Day?" Video Series

Our Respectful Workplace Workshop features the "How Was Your Day?" video series. This award-winning film is a refreshing and engaging way to approach topics like bias, diversity, and harassment prevention.


A diverse cast and wide range of workplace settings make the film relevant to all types of viewers including new and seasoned employees, supervisors, managers and executives. Workplace settings include office, warehouse, healthcare, retail and restaurant.

Workshop 1: Diversity And Inclusion Agenda

The first workshop covers core topics such as overcoming unconscious bias and embracing diversity and inclusion. There are two video modules from “How Was Your Day”. Attendees then proceed to work on individual and group activities based on each topic.


[Module #1 Video and Discussion] - Our hidden bias’s and three steps to help raise awareness about them.
[Module #2 Video and Discussion]: The definitions of diversity and inclusion.

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Workshop 2: Bullying & Harassment Agenda

In the second work, attendees will focus on the key skills of preventing harassment and standing up to bullying. This workshop includes modules 3 and 4 from the “How Was Your Day” video series. Based on each model, the class proceed to work on individual and group activities.


[Module #3 Video]: This video will review scenarios on preventing a hostile work environment.
[Module #4 Video and Discussion]: What to do if you are the target of bullying.

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