Human Resource Audit

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What is a Human Resources Audit?

Human resource audits are a vital means of avoiding legal and regulatory liability that may arise from your organization's HR policies and practices. In addition to identifying areas of legal risk, audits help your company remain competitive, by assessing the best practices from your unique industry. It is an opportunity to determine what an organization is doing right, as well as how things might be done differently, more efficiently or at a reduced cost.

Why Conduct An External HR Audit?

In today's competitive climate, organizations operate within the confines of a heavily regulated employee environment. This challenge includes dealing with a myriad of laws and regulations. How efficiently your HR Department policies and procedures align with regulations can significantly influence the productivity and profitability of your business.

An audit helps you understand whether your HR practices help, hinder or have little impact on key business goals. The audit also helps quantify the results of the department's initiatives and provides a road map for necessary changes. Audits can also help your organization achieve and maintain world-class HR practices.

What Can I Expect?

Firstly, we perform a compliance audit by taking an objective look at your organization's HR policies, practices, procedures, and strategies to protect the organization, establish best practices and identify opportunities for improvement.

An objective review of the employer's current state can help HR evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and effective. The results can provide decision-makers with the information necessary to decide which areas need improvement.

HR Policy Evaluation

We evaluate operational HR policies, practices and processes with a focus on key HR department delivery areas (e.g., recruitment, employee retention, compensation, benefits, performance management, employee relations, training and development).

HR indicators Review

Review your current HR indicators. (e.g., number of unfilled positions, the time it takes to fill a new position, turnover, employee satisfaction, internal grievances filed, number of legal complaints, absenteeism rates).

Every Organisation Is Unique

Tailored Service to Meet Your Needs

Once we establish the status quo, we work collaboratively with our clients to meet the unique needs of their organization.

No two businesses are the same. Some clients work with us on a retainer basis, some engage us for specific projects or issues, and others use us as their HR department. HR West has conducted HR Audits for several organizations in various industries and will meet with any client to determine the specific areas of focus.

Types of Audits

An HR audit can be structured to be either comprehensive or specifically focused, within the constraints of time, budgets and staff. There are several types of audits, and each is designed to accomplish different objectives.


Focuses on how well the organization is complying with current federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations.

Best practices

Helps the organization maintain or improve a competitive advantage by comparing its practices with those of companies identified as having exceptional HR practices.


Focuses on strengths and weaknesses of systems and processes to determine whether they align with the HR department's and the organization's strategic plan.


Focuses on a specific area in the HR function (e.g., recruitment, performance management, records retention).

Comprehensive Reporting

Once any audit is complete, we will prepare an Executive Summary reporting our findings and recommendations. The report is colour coded based of the following rating system and is detailed by priority. The length of the report is solely determined on the audit results and how many recommendations we have.


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