Path to Promoting From Within – InnFocus Fall 2017

Many organizations make internal promotions a business strategy. The large hotel brands I have proudly represented throughout my career made developing talent from within a business priority. Internal promotions are something this industry does extremely well. If you ask most General Managers, they will happily tell you they “grew up” in the business. Investing in people as though they are your greatest asset is what will truly set your operation and your career apart.that consists of possible next steps (sometimes even 2 or 3 steps); (3) write a development plan that develops, mentors, invests in them; and (4) execute your plan … Read More

5 Lessons Learned About Employee Defamation Claims

In most circumstances, acting as a reference for past employees is a simple, straightforward process. There are, however, some situations where complications can arise that may put the employer in an awkward position. For example, if an employee leaves on negative terms, they may still seek a reference from you to aid in their search for new employment. In these situations, employers should tread carefully to avoid potential defamation claims. Take the case of  Papp v. Stokes as an example: Adam Papp commenced employment with Stokes Economic Consulting Inc. as a staff economist in March, 2011. His employment was terminated without cause in December, 2013. Following his termination, Mr. Papp asked Dr. Ernest Stokes (the president of the company) whether … Read More

5 Lessons Learned About Employee Probations

There is always a temptation to second guess what’s in the news. Almost everyone will tell you they could do better than, say, the current US President. Retrospect, and a court decision that doesn’t go an employer’s way begs us to not second guess. Take the case of Ly v. Interior Health as an example: Phuc Van Ly was hired by Interior Health in September 2014 to manage a team of nurses in Kamloops. He was fully qualified for the position and interviewed well for the position. Upon being hired, Ly was placed on a 6 month probationary period where his success in the job would be monitored. During his employ others complained about Ly behind his back, his supervisor … Read More

6 Human Resources Lessons We Can All Use

The “regular” news can be devoid of headlines related to human resources for days on end. Other times, HR makes headlines (and front pages) more than it should. It was a busy week for HR in the news last week. Consider these three headlines from just three days (February 14 to 16): Lots of lessons for employers (and employees) behind the headlines: Following up on headlines about work can be a fun way to follow trends in employment and labour law – unless you are the employer in the headline. You can take the steps to avoid putting your company in the headlines by using some common sense, keeping policies up-to-date, and following up with potential concerns for both you … Read More