Innovative Recruitment Strategies

The following article was originally published in Cannabis Retailer magazine, November/December 2021 Issue. See it online at: By: Kevin Woolliams As businesses go, cannabis retailing is new-really new. While the business has a lot of rules from various levels of government, the “rules” for recruiting and retaining employees in cannabis retailing are being explored and updated on the fly as the industry grows and evolves. A key to recruitment is to step back and think about your desired result before starting the process. Knowing your end point-who is your ideal candidate-makes the whole process or recruiting easier. What To Look For Each business (and even different locations of the same business) should have different answers for this question. One common … Read More

How Cross-Training Can Help Boost Productivity in a Post-Pandemic World.

The following article was originally published in InnFocus magazine, Summer 2021 Edition. See it online at: by Chantel Wellman “Productivity is doing things you were never able to do before.”-Franz Kaftka The Potential of Productivity! Almost overnight the world changed in March 2020 and now, as we slowly emerge and discover the “new normal”, it allows businesses a chance to reimagine their work processes and offers an opportunity to improve productivity. In addition to the new acronyms we’ve learned over this past year, like PPE and mRNA, words like “adapt” and “pivot” are now a part of our everyday vocabulary, and rightfully so—they have been the cornerstone to success for many during the pandemic. COVID-19 has had an extraordinary impact … Read More

COVID Surveillance Testing

Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Homes Limited (CCRH) Woodstock provides care and services to residents that live independently at their retirement homes in Woodstock, Ontario. The CCRH location had not identified any positive COVID cases among the residents, staff, or management. Shortly after the introduction of mandatory surveillance testing of all staff, the employee’s union, the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) filed a grievance on behalf of several members. Background In June of last year, CCRH Woodstock management advised staff of a new policy requiring them to partake in bi-weekly COVID testing and provide proof to management. Participating staff would receive one hour’s pay and have hospital parking fees waved. The policy consisted, in part, of the following: All … Read More

COVID-19 & Labour Relations

More than eight months ago, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic. Since then, the pandemic has impacted more than just our health, it has impacted our day-to-day lives and every sector within our economy. We have been forced to adapt to a new way of doing things in an effort to slow down and stop the spread of the disease. Some of these changes have exposed us to a better way of doing things, and others have caused us more hardship. Work is a major component of our day-to-day lives, and with over half of Canadians working in full-time positions it has created compelling needs for organizations to modify their practices. This includes processes as we … Read More

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

When it comes to sexual harassment in BC, employees are protected by the Occupational Health and Safety regulations (WorkSafeBC) and the B.C. Human Rights Code. Though these laws are put in place to address workplace bullying and harassment and protect individuals against sexual harassment, at times it can be difficult to distinguish between acts of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace. An example that demonstrates the factors that are considered when distinguishing between the two is a labour arbitration involving a relationship between a subforeman and an apprentice, employed by BC Hydro, that took place in 2015; the arbitration decision was made recently, on September 11, 2020. The Back Story The subforeman, a male employee of 17 years, was … Read More

Celebrating Diversity & Inclusivity in the Hotel Industry – InnFocus Fall 2020

The following article was originally published in InnFocus magazine, Fall 2020 Edition. See it online at: by Amy Saini BC has long held a reputation of a highly desirable destination for tourism and adventure. The province has much to offer with rugged and awe-inspiring nature, vibrant cities, and a strong multicultural and diverse society. It is no surprise that tourism numbers continue to soar year after year in beautiful British Columbia. Tourism has been a driving force in the globalization that shapes BC. Consequently, the hotel industry is always in the forefront as the world changes around us, pushing the industry to continuously evaluate its practices, stay competitive, and meet the needs of its guests and workforce. Successful hotels are … Read More

National Indigenous Peoples Day

Sunday, June 21, 2020 is summer solstice where we all welcome the longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer. It is also National Indigenous Peoples Day where we can recognize and celebrate the rich and diverse heritage, culture and contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. Pictured above are the Stó:lō welcome figures at the Chilliwack Visitors Centre. The two figures, one man and one woman, stand with their hands raised in a gesture of welcome. There are many First Nations welcome centres and museums in our country that I have visited and a long list of ones that I have yet to see. This year I planned on joining one of the many events … Read More

National Volunteer Week – April 19-25, 2020

I became an active volunteer largely because of the influence of great business leaders and mentors who were significant supporters and advocates for making a difference in the communities in which they operated. The more I engaged in a volunteer capacity the more perspective I developed regarding those less fortunate in society, and the personal value, personal growth and often immediate results that can be achieved from helping where needed. From an organizational perspective encouraging employees and providing support systems for employees to engage in volunteerism, is a great way to build community within employee groups, and with the community at large. I have heard many employees speak proudly of their employer who allowed them to follow their heart and … Read More

The New Frontier in Performance Reviews & Development

The traditional annual performance review is increasingly under attack. School systems have long since moved away from letter grades, and Daniel Pink tells us that what we traditionally thought motivates people is all wrong. Furthermore, Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall’s “Nine Lies About Work” attacks key fundamental elements that have underscored traditional performance reviews and how to motivate and develop people. More and more managers and (just as importantly) employees are pushing back on the traditional annual evaluation and looking for new ways to ensure that employees are performing, excelling and acquiring what they and the organization need for the future. I have been working with several organizations to simplify their annual performance appraisal system to be more responsive to … Read More

Creating an Attractive Compensation Package: Offer Benefits, Tipping, and More – The Quarterly Pour Winter 2019

The following article was originally published in The Quarterly Pour magazine, Winter 2019 Edition. See it online at: by Kevin Woolliams The human resources concept of total compensation is that all compensation—not just wages—should be included in the calculation of what employees make. Following this concept, total compensation includes wages, benefits, retirement plans, vacation and paid leave days, and work-life benefits (aka perks). The entire employment package should be designed to attract, retain, reward, and motivate your employees’ commitment and performance. The concept applies across any industry, but in hospitality, you also have to factor in how tips contribute to your compensation package. In the current economic conditions, most managers and owners are acutely aware of wages. Minimum wages are … Read More