National Volunteer Week – April 19-25, 2020

I became an active volunteer largely because of the influence of great business leaders and mentors who were significant supporters and advocates for making a difference in the communities in which they operated. The more I engaged in a volunteer capacity the more perspective I developed regarding those less fortunate in society, and the personal value, personal growth and often immediate results that can be achieved from helping where needed.

From an organizational perspective encouraging employees and providing support systems for employees to engage in volunteerism, is a great way to build community within employee groups, and with the community at large. I have heard many employees speak proudly of their employer who allowed them to follow their heart and help those in need during working hours. The list of opportunities and need is endless, and the many ways of helping including:

  • fundraising campaigns for charities of choice
  • allowing employees a volunteer half day or day off (with or without pay)
  • hosting blood donation campaigns
  • team building activities including working in community gardens, food banks or painting youth homes
  • mentoring others
  • join a Board and contribute as a Director

Now more than ever there is a need for individuals and organizations to step up and help those who are being left behind during this difficult pandemic time. Some organizations and employees may be in dire need of support and other organizations may have the capacity and resources to support those in need.

Reach out to the great agencies and charities that can help in difficult times if you or your employees need it, and if you have time and resources then get out there and volunteer. It could be the most rewarding and impactful thing you have ever done.

Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson is a Senior Consultant with HR West Consulting ( A former Senior Vice President of People & Culture, she works with clients in a wide range of industries and helps them find practical solutions tailored to their business.