Digital Wellness In The Workplace

Think about your favourite online escape.

Is it making you happy?

Connecting with people is overwhelmingly shown to create happiness. That doesn’t really happen when we are spending more and more time online. And, if we’re honest, so much is a total waste.

Digital wellness in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important aspect of wellness. As we spend more and more time on our devices, it’s helping drive burn out, stress, and anxiety. Obviously this will have a negative impact on the well-being and productivity of workplaces.

The first of my guests, Daniel Sih and author of Spacemaker, has been invited to speak at TedX and his ‘idea worth sharing’ is that we need to manage our use of tech. He laughs, a little amazed, because most of us remember a life before this level of tech and yet we have become so dependent so fast. And now it’s an idea worth sharing. Elissa Lok, my second guest and HR Consultant, helped Daniel develop a Spacemaker course and reflects on the impact in organizations.

Some other ideas:

🥱Boredom is not bad even if we do anything to avoid it. In fact, a lot of creativity happens when we are bored. When we give ourselves time to be unplugged and disconnected from technology, we allow ourselves to have new ideas, and think more critically. It’s hard to underestimate how valuable that is.

💉Our tech is powerful and useful – and addictive. Addiction can be defined as the repeated use of something even though it causes substantial harm. Of course the irony of this topic and how I am delivering it is obvious.

😬 Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use ipads or iphones.

↘️ The relationship between tech and productivity is an inverted U curve.

If employers are interested in employee productivity and wellbeing, they should investigate digital wellbeing. It’s the right thing to do do, but there is also tremendous benefit to the workplace, to ourselves and our humanity.

Spacemakers: How to Unplug, Unwind, and Think Clearly in the Digital Age

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Andrea Adams