Decolonization For HRM: Where To Start

This episode on decolonizing HR and indigenous inclusion was by request! I was totally on board. I recently took the Indigenous Canada MOOC (massive open online course) and it was fascinating and inspiring.

So I reached out to Gillian Hynes who works for Rise, an indigenous-owned consulting group advancing reconciliation and indigenous inclusion. Here are a few highlights:

– Decolonization is about inclusion and truth through reconciliation and relationships.

– It starts with the individual.

– There are many colonial practices in HR. For example, many benefits are based on Western medicine, and our definition of “family” for bereavement leave is often narrow.

– A lot of the changes will benefit all employees – especially as we get more diverse overall.

– HR has the power to make a difference by helping decide what the problem is and what the solution might be.

It’s fascinating and challenging stuff. But I didn’t find it overwhelming – hopefully you don’t either.

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