Dealing With Difficult Leaders – When You’re HR

As an HR person, you may find yourself in a difficult situation where you need to coach a leader who is not performing well in all parts of their role. Usually we, in HR, hear about the people parts. And we are often tempted to label them as a “problem,” it would be better to provide help and support.

I was asked to do this episode and I invited Heather Dranitsaris-Hilliard and her mother, Dr. Anne Dranitsaris, back to help me. Their company, Caliber Leadership Systems, specializes in organization dysfunction so it made sense to bring them back! And I enjoy talking to them! Some of their points:

🐦 We can’t pigeon-hole leaders as problems. A label is easy, but it’s the behaviour you’re concerned about. If they are interested, it can change.

😬 If you feel intimidated by the position, remember they are just a person who needs help – albeit one playing a key role.

💪 Muster up some courage, it’s probably your job.

❌ While people can develop, there IS a point where we need to terminate.

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