Building Trust In The Workplace – Tips for HR

I read something recently saying that organizations that trust HR are 2.9x more likely to rate them as highly effective (McLean & Co, 2023). This would make it so much easier to get ALL our work done so I knew I had to do some episodes on trust.

I reached out to Ila Edgar who is co-Host of a show called Trust on Purpose with Charles Feltman. She is also a coach and was a recruiter for years, so she has insight into HR:

1) The first thing is we need to care. About the client and the business.

🗣️Trust building is a skill and one you can discuss directly with clients

👍Even when there are limitations on us that our client might not appreciate, there are things we can do to maintain trust.

🗣️ When clients talk about HR instead of to HR, there’s some mistrust. We can deal with that head on too.

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