Building Trust In The Workplace – An Intro

Trust is KEY to how the organization perceives HR according to a recent presentation I went to by McLean and Company. Specifically they said “non- HR respondents with high trust in their HR Departments are 2.9x more likely to also rate them as highly effective.”

This made a strong impression on me so I went looking for someone to talk to. Who better than Ila Edgar, the co-host of a podcast called “Trust on Purpose”? Ila is a coach and, in a past life, was a recruiter too so she understands HR. She said:

✅ Trust is an emotion AND a competency. Since it’s a competency we can get better at it!

4️⃣ There are four aspects to the competency: competence, sincerity, reliability and care.

🗣️ You can start to build trust by simply engaging someone in a conversation about trust.

🙏 Try: I want to build a strong trusting relationship with you. Here’s the things I need to see from you. What do you need to see from me?

Since trust is critical to HR (and maybe most relationships), you need to see this. We’ll follow it up with a more specific conversation about trust in HR.

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