Tips for Dealing with Upset Employees

In HR, we deal with many upset people. Perhaps, it is not a daily occurrence, but it is fairly frequent. This video will give you some tips on how to deal with a variety of situations, such as:

“My leader is an a**hole… RIGHT?”

You: “Look at my nice presentation about [policy].”
Employee: “We don’t want to talk about that, let me tell you about 🧨!”

“My compensation is so unfair compared to…”

As HR, we need to deal with the issue, but we also need to arm ourselves to deal with the situation in a professional manner and bring back some calm. As Roxanne Derhodge points out, when people are emotionally worked up, they stop using the reasoning brain. Everyone must know what I am talking about because it happens to all of us.

Roxanne is registered psychotherapist, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and author. She has her own podcast called Authentic Living with Roxanne.

Andrea Adams