Understanding Unconscious Bias

We all have biases and you might not be aware of yours. It’s part of our most primitive brains so we aren’t going to get rid of it. The only thing we can do is be aware and manage it.

In this video I speak with Dr. Helen Turnbull CSP. She has been digging into the topic for a long time – long before it (and DEI) became such a key HR issue. She did a TEDx on inclusion in 2013. So props to her! Here are some of the things she shared:

🏳️ If you’ve ever been rude to an overseas call centre representative because they aren’t on your continent, check your bias. Are you REALLY that open-minded and unbiased?

2️⃣ Confirmation bias and pattern recognition bias are two of the most prevalent examples of unconscious bias in the workplace. Unchecked, either will lead to poor decision-making, missed opportunities and sub-par business performance.

😇 The only way to minimize the impact of unconscious bias is to bring it to our conscious awareness. She suggests saying “Let’s not make that decision until we check our biases.”

Find Helen at https://drhelenturnbull.com/.

Andrea is an HR consultant and can be found through www.thehrhub.ca

Andrea Adams