Recognition In The Workplace – Programs That Work

Recognition is cheap and powerful in driving a positive culture, the employee AND customer experience, and a true sense of connection between employees and with the organization. Yet we don’t do it or we don’t do it well.

Organizations create expensive rewards programs meant to recognize employees. But, let’s be clear, long service awards don’t do a lot to motivate great employee performance.

So how do we do it better? That was the subject of this week’s interview with Sarah McVanel – recognition expert! Well, of course she has thoughts:

😾 Everyone does something well. Don’t avoid recognizing someone because there’s an aspect of their personality you dislike.

😩 Along the same lines, you’ll find something positive to recognize even in persistent complainers.

🤩 When the same people do the recognition and the same people get recognized all the time… your program is failing.

🟢 It’s everyone’s job to participate in recognition not just the leader.

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Andrea Adams