Psychometric Tests for Recruitment – The Science!

Psychometric testing, performed by trained psychologists, is the best predictor of job success of any recruitment or selection tool out there. It is a science, and it teaches you that:

😄 Extraversion is not the same as social skill. Also, it is not going to predict success in a job.

👯 Personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs personality test, are a typology. They might help you understand people on your team, but the results are not correlated with job success.

⁉️ Interviews are, to some degree, a measure of intelligence. Intelligence IS correlated with job success.

There were so many facts in this interview with Marina Kolesnikova of Stefan, Fraser and Associates. It provided a lot of insight into which recruitment and selection tools are likely to get you a good candidate and which are not.

It also dispelled many myths of the recruitment process and other things you just weren’t sure about.

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Andrea Adams