Tips For Negotiation In Business & HR

We all have different relationships with negotiation. It might make some of us uncomfortable but it’s a powerful everyday skill if we can practice and apply the elements.

And it’s relevant to HR beyond contracts. Have you ever seen the necessity of an approach or project but your clients hadn’t bought in? We often have little formal power in HR to mandate projects so negotiation skills can be very helpful! When I discovered that Susie Tomenchok had written a book about it, of course I had to talk to her about it.

And I learned a lot. Some of it made me a bit uncomfortable and will challenge me. Other parts come easier. It’ll be the same from you – don’t avoid it until you need it!

Did you know:

🌤 Any emotion will cloud your thinking, but you can make emotions contingency plans!

🤔 Most of your effort in negotiation will be spent trying to see the issue from their perspective.

🚫 No is a starting point.

🙊 We need to get comfortable with silence.

Intrapreneurial Leadership and a link to the course:

Susie’s Book: The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation

Andrea Adams