Mindset for Work

Success at work isn’t solely determined by your skills or qualifications. Your mindset also plays a pivotal role in shaping your professional journey and achieving your career goals.

Mindset has quite a few facets: growth mindset and attitude are a couple. It has an enormous impact on your resilience and mental health.

It’s the mental health connection that I focused on a bit more in this episode with Laura Terrell. Laura is a coach and was a former special advisor to the US President. She’s also a lawyer. I figure she probably knows a thing or two about mindset. Like:

🤔 You can work on your mindset. It’s not a static thing. And it’s starts with being intentional about it.

😥 When something upsetting has happened… give yourself the space to be upset. Then: how to I move forward from here so this doesn’t define your job?

🤬 When something bad happens, sometimes we feel justified in our anger and vent enthusiastically to friends… it may not be that helpful. What you should do is go for a walk or do something you like. THEN consider an appropriate reaction. A break may create objectivity.

😨 We self-limit too often. We don’t ask questions because we fear the answer. Or we tell ourselves “I don’t have all the qualifications.”

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Andrea Adams