Why Measure Human Resources

Will it make a difference if you can say “time-to-hire has improved 2.5% compared to this time last year”? Of course we can create more complex or creative metrics like ‘retention rate per manager’ or ‘HR cost per employee’. Still… are they really helpful?

The thing is, metrics measure the past. We track these things to make sure we are efficient and accountable. They rarely tell us about the strategic things we should be doing.

This is what I spoke with David Simmonds about. He is the Chairman of HCM Metrics and an early supporter of the HR ISO standard. I didn’t even know there was an ISO standard for HR!

∞ With a decent HRIS you could measure a million things. How do you pick?

🤔 The ISO standards will provide insight on what you should measure.

🥱 While I am a bit tired of the expression ‘a seat at the table’, it still had meaning and HR data plays a big role in getting and staying there. We have a wealth of data. Are we using it to track the past or provide useful insight into business problems and solutions?

🗣 We need to speak their language. See it from the perspective of business problems.

Find David on LinkedIn or at https://www.hcmmetrics.co.uk/

Andrea Adams