HR as an Immigrant

I was reading something on the LinkedIn a while back about an HR professional from Afghanistan who was driving a taxi. Usually we hear this about doctors and engineers, but HR?

So, this had me thinking: What does it take to succeed in the HR industry in Canada? While we talk about Canada, this would apply to other countries as well!

This episode is for immigrants. Bina Kamath is an immigrant and has established a successful HR career. In fact, she also started out in accounting, so that is a double-feat! Her advice:

🙋‍♀️ Use social media.

🙊 Network.

🤷 Don’t insist on a similar title to the one you had before.

🦶 You need a toe in the door however you get it.

🎓 Maybe you could go back to school? But it’s not a requirement.

I hope the best for all the immigrants out there trying to make a better life and career. If you are such a person, share your experience in the video Comment section!

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Andrea Adams