HR Technology – Tips for Selecting, Negotiating, and Buying It!

HR Tech seems like a big decision. Get the wrong tech and you might be ‘that person’. 😬 Get the right tech and you’ll get more and better opportunities. Fortunately there are steps to success!

I spoke with Phil Strazzulla of Select Software Reviews which specializes in HR tech. I don’t usually plug my guests too much, but his site gives us free advice on how to navigate the process of buying HR tech! The quality of advice is so good too! Like:

💸 You can and should negotiate. Prices are almost always negotiable.

🔠 Make sure the vendors know you are looking at a variety of systems. That will help with negotiations.

📆 It’s true! The time of year (or month) matters!

🪄A gut check is a valid method of making a decision although you should understand and articulate it for others.

🛞 Contrary to popular thought, people practices aren’t going to create success… successful organizations have something that people want. It’s more like great HR practices ‘grease the wheels’.

There was so much valuable insight in this episode. And some of the tips apply to buying many things! Absolutely check it out.

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Andrea Adams