HR Strategy vs. Business Strategy

Business strategy is not the strategic plan. We often think about the strategic plan, but the business strategy has considerable implications for HR strategy.

In this episode with Len Nanjad, we talked about business strategy and the implications for HR. Len is a guy who thinks deeply about HR, is the guest in one of my most popular videos, and doesn’t accept the easy explanations that many of us have come to accept as truth. Some of his insights about business strategy:

4️⃣ Business strategy has 4 pieces.

= HR strategy could also focus on the same 4 pieces. We need to think about them in context of HR and the business.

😫 We will often help the stressed out leader in the most simple way possible rather than think about the strategy and if our effort would be better spent in other ways.

↻ We often hold individuals accountable for poor performance. But it is quite possibly the system not them.

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