HR Risk Management

There’s a sexual harassment complaint and it ends up front page news. It’s our worst nightmare, but it’s absolutely avoidable by doing the right thing. By *managing risk*.

We rarely think of HR situations in risk management terms (i.e. probability and consequence), but that’s the expertise of this week’s guest.

Bob Stenhouse of Veritas Solutions is a former undercover police officer who understands the consequences intimately. He’s taken his investigative and risk management skills into HR. His insight is unique!

🤔 While PR may be a part of an organization’s risk mitigation that is not HR’s role. Our role is to mitigate the probability and consequences.

🔋 That means speaking truth to power. Which can get someone fired.

🎯 One way of taking the ‘heat’ out is to focus on risk rather than moralizing.

📈 You can predict where the HR risks are by following cultural trends.

This was such a fascinating conversation.

Find Bob at Veritas Solutions or follow him on LinkedIn. He writes great posts!

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