HR Reporting (And Focusing your Effort)

HR reporting and metrics are key tools for driving organizational success, and it’s up to us to use them effectively. It’s good for the organization, your career and our profession.

I conducted this follow-up interview with David Simmonds for HCM Metrics to discuss data, metrics and reporting. He helped develop the ISO standards for HR reporting an said the following:

🪑 It’s essential that we become proficient in reporting and metrics if we want to earn or maintain our seat at the table. But it’s not just about impressing higher-ups – effective HR reporting can benefit the entire organization.

⁉️ One important aspect to consider is that our reporting should be focused on answering organizational questions, rather than our own. This means that asking ourselves what the business needs to know, and how we can use data to provide those answers.

🏥 One metric that is often overlooked but can be incredibly valuable is leadership trust. Trust is a crucial component of a healthy and productive work environment, and measuring it can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our leadership team.

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