HR Membership Benefits – For Students

This episode is for students! Membership in your HR association has benefits and, if you can capitalize on them, it can be very helpful in landing your first HR job after university.

I spoke with Ioana Giurca who is the CEO of CPHR Alberta. Even if you don’t live in Alberta… check out what your own association has to offer students! After all, you are the future of the profession and we’ve all been in your shoes trying to get that first job. Chances are that support is offered – look for some of the following:

🙋‍♀️ Mentorship. Is there a professional who would guide you and act as a sounding board?

☕️ One-on-on meetings. If mentorship is too much or you can’t find one, someone would be willing to have coffee with you.

✍️ Resume writing. There is no where better than your HR Association to get help writing resumes. After all, we are the experts.

👋 Networking opportunities. The thought of networking always intimidated me, but if you can be brave enough and hone your own approach, it WILL pay dividends.

👏 Volunteer. It’s also a clue to an employer about your intentions and commitment.

Not all associations will offer free memberships (although Alberta does). Whatever your association offers, makes use of it!

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Andrea Adams